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Every Door Direct Mail -EDDM

To inquire about the specifics of your order or services
please call: (714) 227-3055 or TEXT


All EDDM orders will be, designed, printed, bundled, paperwork filled out and dropped off at the local USPS Post Office where they will then deliver to the Carrier Routes requested. USPS postage fees will also be included.

No Annual Contract

Although there is NO ANNUAL CONTRACT, I ask that you mentally commit to a minimum of 3 mailings to allow us to effectively run your campaign to help your business succeed.

With that in mind, it is also important that you know you’re dealing with a respectable person and that means you can do as little as one mailing WITHOUT ANY QUESTIONS.

Thank you for considering me to assit in your Direct Mailing Efforts.

EDDM Services | Terms and Conditions

I offer two options for EDDM services: Print Only and Full Service.

Print Only:

The EDDM mailers are printed for delivery to you. You may choose to have your products bundled in packs of 50 or 100 pieces, or you may choose to have the entire order delivered “loose,” i.e., not bundled. If you select Print Only, I do not fulfill any of the USPS requirements for EDDM (whether Retail or Business Mail Entry Unit) products other than the bundling service; you are solely responsible for the setup and delivery of the products to the appropriate United States Postal Service (“USPS”) location. I do not select or assist in selecting the postal routes for your EDDM mailing, and I am not responsible for (and do not verify) the layout or setup of your EDDM mailing piece, including, without limitation, the sufficiency and placement of the address and mailing indicia location. Please consult the USPS website for applicable rules and guidelines for proper EDDM processing.


For Full-Service EDDM I use an interactive map that allows me to select USPS postal routes for your order. This information is provided on an “as is, where is” basis and I make no representation that the information is current or accurate at the time your order is placed.

Once your artwork has been finalized and approved it will be sent to print and will be bundled, prepared for mailing, and dropped off at the USPS location to begin fulfilling your order. Upon delivery to the USPS location, USPS assumes all responsibility for delivery to your selected postal route(s), and your order is subject to all USPS rules, guidelines, and timelines. Any delay, damage, or loss occurring after delivery of your order to USPS is the responsibility of the USPS.

When you place your Full-Service Order with me, you can select a “Target in Mailbox Date,” which is typically a minimum of seventeen (17) business days from the date you place the order. The Target in Mailbox Date is an estimate based on information provided to me by the USPS. I do not guarantee that your order will be delivered to your selected postal route(s) by or on a chosen Target in Mailbox Date.

If your order includes time-sensitive or dated materials, I recommend that you place your order well in advance of the date needed for delivery to the USPS. If you decide to use the Full-Service option for time-sensitive or dated material, you are assuming the risk that the materials may not be delivered on time and we recommend selecting a Target in Mailbox Date that is at least 33 days from the date you place your order.

The Full-Service option requires your understanding that No Refunds will be given, whether you choose the Print Only or Full-Service option.